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Get Kerala Holiday Tour Packages to Make Your Holidays Memorable

The most awaiting time of festival has started approaching slowly and the countdown has begun. People are planning to celebrate the sweet Christmas and New Year's festival in their own way but keeping their budget in mind. However, the choices are different, but a long holiday season also demands something more than shopping, goodies, sweets and parties. Exploring wonderful natural and man-made attractions during the coming holiday season is also something that will be a remarkable gift for your family members, your darling or someone else you are very close and prefer to spend more time with him/her amid serene environment, greenery and cool breeze. Planning for Kerala holidays tour packages would be surely an icing on the cake to make the festival season more special and memorable.

Kerala, the God's Own Country and a Green paradise on Earth is full of natural beauty, backwaters; palm fringed beaches, lush greenery and rich flora & Fauna. However, the small Indian state is full of tourists throughout the year where people come to rejuvenate their mind and body in the most gorgeous Yoga and Ayurveda centers. But, exploring its beauty with free and joyous mind in the festival season would be a unique experience. But, you should also keep in mind that the celebration begins only when you have an attractive Kerala holiday package in advance.

If you really want to make your festival season memorable in the God's Own Country, you are advised to book Kerala holiday tour in advance from a reputed tour and travel operator. There are a number of additional benefits of Kerala holiday tour packages that are sure to keep you enticed for a long time and persuade you again and again to visit the state again and again.

Kerala holiday packages are offered in different forms according to various themes like honeymoon tour , wildlife packages, culture tour, pilgrimage package, yoga and Ayurveda tour, backwaters package, beach tours and adventure tour. Moreover, these Kerala holiday packages are offered in different forms from two days to twenty days and more. This is because; Kerala is not so small state that can be explored in a day or two.

Summary: Planning for Kerala holiday tour would be surely an icing on the cake to make the festival season more special and memorable. Kerala, the God's Own Country and a Green paradise on Earth is full of natural beauty, Kerala backwaters; palm fringed beaches, lush greenery and rich flora & Fauna.

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Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours

With the development of various tourism projects in the form of transport, sightseeing sites and changes in attitudes of the people, the whole world is turning towards India. The multi culture is a big for many foreign tourists who always desire to taste various cultural flavors under a single roof. There are various amazing Golden Triangle Tours of Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours. These three cities usually form the brightness of tourism in the northern part of the country.
India is famous for the golden triangle tour particularly in the western part of the world. The main players of this golden triangle trips are these three cities Delhi, agra and Jaipur which provide elegant sight and insights of various cultures of present generation, past generation and many royal people who had a long association with these cities. Each of these cities has its own historical story to tell about the long journey to till today.
Thousands of tourists fly down to the national capital to learn India's rich culture. The present Delhi has a lot of transformations which passed on with the passage of time. Different rulers since ancient periods from different cultural backgrounds had strongly held up Delhi under their reigns. The appearance the city has today is all the outcome of the cultures left by those rulers. Delhi can be considered as the major cultural hub of the past. It is the reason many cultural tours of Delhi are conducted by various people from different parts of the globe. The architectural beauty of marvelous Forts like Red Fort, Purana Qila, tombs like Humayun tomb, Qutab Minar are all the India's Muslim jewels. There are modern temples like Akshardham, lotus temple and many other sites like museums followed by the emergence of various shopping which have immensely contributed to the city's popularity.
Besides, it is also a food paradise for people who flying down as far from miles get the culinary flavors of the capital. Similar story and history has to be told by Agra. Agra is on the waves of huge popularity in all over the world under the limelight created by famous Taj Mahal. This monument of love is a symbol of not only of the Indian culture but reflects the whole cultural tradition of true love of people of entire world. Thousands of people visit the country only to have the beautiful glimpse of Taj Mahal India. thus, contributing to the business expansion of travel and tourism in the country. Agra has other attractions beside the Taj; Fatehpur Sikri, Moti Masjid and Agra fort, the historical heritages left as legacies by the Mughal Emperors. Their cultures get easily traced through these marvelous architectures.
The golden triangle India Tour ends up with a tour of Jaipur, the last destination. It is the capital city of Rajasthan comprising of magnificent cultural vibrancies, liveliness created by various wonders that have been drawn from both nature and human efforts. Eminent touristy sites are Hawa Mahal, city palace, Jantar Mantar and various city's forts. The most spectacular one endowed by nature is the Great Indian Thar Desert where hundreds of honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts visit making their presence under the nature's lap. The sand dunes are hard to ignore without throwing glimpses to pass by.
If your next target is to have the amazing tour of these three cities, just go with the golden triangle tour and chill out there having fun and enjoyment.

Agra – A Hotspot for Cultural & Heritage Tourism in India

Agra, an ancient and historical city in Uttar Pradesh, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. It is a much sought after place for cultural and heritage tourism in the country. There are many historical monuments, cultural sites and heritage places in this city which have made it a hotspot. A large number of domestic and international tourists come to this city to explore historical monuments, cultural sites, architectural sumptuousness and the exquisiteness of marbles. When you will ask people for a popular tourist destination in India, majority of people will suggest you firstly to visit Agra where India's star Taj Mahal city in India welcomes tourists.
Located on the banks of the River Yamuna, Agra was believed to be built in 1475. It had been found its place in even in the epic Mahabharata as Agraban (means paradise). As a much sought after tourist destination of India, Agra offers the tourists a wonderful opportunities to see massive and imposing structural monuments including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Itmad-Ud-Daullah Tomb (the Baby Taj or Little Taj Mahal) and Dayal Bagh are also popular tourist sites in the city. In fact, it is the great haven for mughal art, culture and architecture. Thus the city has been a hotspot for cultural and heritage tourism in India.
The most popular attraction for tourism in Agra is Taj Mahal - the Symbol of Love. Built in graceful white marble it is India's star tourist attraction and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This magnificent white marble monument was constructed by mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a loving tribute to his most darling and third wife Mumtaz Mahal. Hence it is also called the Symbol of Love & Romance. The matchless beauty of Taj Mahal attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists each year. Visiting the Taj Mahal during full moonlight is a very delightful experience that will last in your memory for lifelong.
Agra Fort is one another remarkable monument in Agra which is visited by domestic and international tourists each year. The fort is known for its awesome architecture. There are many beautiful structures and buildings inside the fort complex that are visitors' attractions. Fatehpur Sikri is an abandoned town located at the distance of about 39 kms from Agra city. It was constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar as his capital. But soon the city was deserted due to scarcity of drinking water. Today this historical city has been a must visit site during Agra tour. Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, Salim Chisti Tomb, Ibadat Khana, Panch Mahal, Birbal Mahal, Jodha Bai Palace, etc are key tourist attractions at Fatehpur Sikri.

Travel To Athens: A Whirlwind of History

Golden triangle India

Travelers who often be greeted by lone standing relics of ancient Greece shall be awestruck because of the sprawling urban metropolis of today’s Athens. Financing city happens to be an explorer’s paradise as historic gems take root throughout the advanced melee and cultural how to go about a turbulent past are written amongst the lines of concrete along with the sparkling blue Aegean Sea. Everywhere in Athens is a proof of why this mythic peninsula is regarded as the cradle of Western civilization and modern democracy.

Athens is city with stunning archeological sites, colorful neighbors, overcrowding and smog like you’ve never seen it. For some travelers, the overall impression is among one of a poetic chaos. Roads are packed, taxi drivers are nuts and shops manage to spill over sidewalks and towards the middle of roads. Yet, part way through this chaos you’ll find peaceful places just like the Acropolis, this jam-choked with tourists.

You can’t mention Greece without writing about the Greeks effect on civilization. The area is littered with sites of extremely significant significance. This isn't the place where you’ll stand in front associated with an old structure where Sir so as a result fought Sir so and so to the death in the duel that established something faintly important. Instead, you’ll stand it front of monuments where civilization took a quantum step forward.

Of particular interest, Athens received an even needed facelift in preparation to your 2004 Olympics. Notorious as for the nefos (smog) as a result of rapid growth and congestion following The second world war and the Cold War, Athens realized the call to clear up its act may become became clear that historic monuments were eroding with an alarming rate attributable to acid rain from carbon dioxide. Just for this Olympic makeover, it is most simple to navigate about the well marked streets in English and Greek and transportation has not been slimmer.

The Acropolis certainly is the dominant archeological site in Athens. It's always those types of rare locations you can visit where massive amount of tourist do not diminish the impact. Towering over Athens, the Acropolis has seen better days if you do not consider the age of it's. The Pantheon and Erechtheion are often the two standing structures and both being impressive.

Mythological Mythos
Ancient Greece reached its societal peak in the 1st century BC when magnificent monuments just like the Parthenon and also Temple of Athena Nike were constructed relating to the fortified Acropolis and Socrates and Plato developed their Western thinking ways of thinking. While many of this major attractions from the moment period come in the centre of the metropolis, travel in your outskirts of Athens will provide encounters all sorts of significant locations out of this phase. Marathon, of this famous battle (and today’s 26.22 mile race), is actually northeast of Athens and the ancient Mycenaean excavation site at Velatouri is to the south, boasting the unearthed Thorikos theatre. As you move the Grecian period is omnipresent, Greece has fascinating Turkish and Persian cultural influences by means of many wars and takeovers prior to the collapse with the Ottoman Empire within the Twentieth century.

While contemplating the Pantheon, one can’t help but be thankful for ale the Greeks to make this type of towering, stone structure when high of humanity still considered a hut a luxurious. The Erechtheion is amazing simply because it offers the famous Caryatids, the columns molded to the version of female figures. Standing upon the mount, you’ll have a very look at Greece that should reveal the chaos as well as an experience of the age of the town.

Club Hopping or Island Hopping?
In the spring and summer evenings, take pleasure in the cafĂ©s and restaurants as they simply start spill directly into the streets and squares. Greece, and particularly Athens, is notorious to its boisterous and tireless nightlife. The main harbour of Piraeus arrives to life as many vacationers go out for his or her island excursions from this historic cove. Athens is the best spot for their become immersed in Greek culture and life prior to taking a ferry ride to at least one of one's surrounding tranquil, historic or party islands â€" the choice is yours. The port is also of particular historic interest. One of the oldest on the globe, the port was heavily used within Peloponnesian Wars inside the 4th century BC and remnants belonging to the long Themistoclean Walls, which fortified the main harbour and Athens together during this time period, still survive today.

A vacation in Athens it not just a journey of history, only one of modernity and progress. After Greece’s golden age, Athens’ grandeur was squandered to nearly nothing by invaders and also sweeping tides of history. Today, the free and booming capital is again a testament to its historic persistence to forward thinking civilization. Go through the rebirth of the foundations on the western world in Athens!

Kerala holiday packages: Call of the Sea and Wild nature

If you are looking for relaxation of both mind & soul and an unbelievably delightful experience then you should go for a holiday in Kerala. The place is noted for its beguiling backwaters, splendid view points, serene atmosphere, rich flora and fauna and thrillingly brilliant hill stations. Newly wedded can go for a Kerala honeymoon which can be a perfect start to a beautiful new chapter in their lives.

Call of the Sea: Kerala is a small but wondrous state in India. Located in the south, it leans into the Indian Ocean and has given birth to a number of exotic beaches which are both sedate and full of frolic. Under Kerala holiday packages, you can wade into these inviting sea waters to not merely swim & bathe but also for taking a plunge in some of the coolest aqua sports like boating, para gliding, rowing, water skiing, etc. The sea, akin to a seductive temptress, shall lure you into its embrace from where there shall be no looking back. Indeed, the charm is so incalculably high that you shall get forlorn into the tresses of the waves and the breeze from the palm trees. In all likelihood, you shall desire to extend your holiday in Kerala till eternity because of the naturalness of these beaches.

Bumping into backwaters: While the virginity of these beaches do tell a fairy tale to our soothing minds, they are still no match for the one-of-a-kind, surreal, ethereal backwaters that Kerala has so magnificently carved out. If you are on a Kerala honeymoon, then surely romance will take total control of your senses; so arousing and erotic can be the beauty of the backwaters, shy streams, ripple-filled lakes and silent lagoons. And it can be a real treat to the soul if you jump aboard on those house boats and sail deep into these magnetic water bodies. With dense jungles on both sides and the hoard of fishermen dotted here and there, you shall feel ecstatic under that azure heaven and golden sinking sun.

Wail of the wild: Kerala holiday packages introduce you to the wild side of the nature with great fiesta. Amidst the roaring waterfalls and the singing cuckoos, the wail of some of the mightier beasts can be extremely thrilling. While there are those wildlife sanctuaries and bird parks where you can hop into any day, it will be really a goosebump-ride if you can journey into those dense jungles.

Other delights: Holiday in Kerala is chiefly all about natural grandeur with the waterfalls, rivers, seas and lagoons infesting your life. But you can't resist those cultural shows, the traditional elephant rides, the exotic hotels, the ancient healing therapies and the sumptuous meals!

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